Computer Center

The Buena Park Library District has 16 computers available for public use.

All users must comply with the library's Internet Use Policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q. Do I need a library card to use a computer?
    A. Yes, a library card is required for computer use. Applications for new library cards are available at the check-out desk or you can apply online. Visitors, temporary residents and others without a library card should see a library staff person to apply for an Internet-only card.

  2. Q. How can I put myself on the waiting list for a computer?
    A. There are 2 signup stations in the Library located in the Computer Center. The signup station will guide you through the process of putting yourself on the waiting list. You will need your library card number and password (last 4 digits of your phone number) to put yourself on the waiting list.

  3. Q. How long do I get on the computers?
    A. Every library card holder is allowed 1 hour of computer use per day. However, you may receive an automatic 15 minute time extension if there is nobody on the waiting list to use a computer when your allotted hour is over.

  4. Q. Can I print? How much does it cost?
    A. Yes, printing is available from all of our public computers. The charge for printing is 20 cents per page for black & white and a 50 cents for color. Funds can be added to your printing account at the Reservation & Payment station in the Computer Center with either cash or a debit/credit card. The payment vending machine accepts quarters, nickels, dimes, and bills up to $5.00.

  5. Q. Can I use my own paper for printing?
    A. To avoid printer damage and to pay for toner use costs, printing can only be done on library supplied paper.

  6. Q. What programs/software do you have?
    A. Our computers are loaded with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Adobe Reader, Microsoft Office 2007 (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher) and Windows Media Player. These programs can open files ending in the following extensions: .doc or .docx (Word), .ppt or .pptx (PowerPoint), .xls or .xlsx (Excel), .pub (Publisher), .pdf (Adobe Reader), .txt or .rtf (Notepad), .jpg, .gif, .tif, and .png (Microsoft Picture Manager).

  7. Q. Can I save my work on the computer?
    A. No, you will not be allowed to permanently save files on the computer's hard drive. You may save your files to your own portable USB flash storage device, commonly referred to as memory sticks or thumb drives. Due to manufacturer variations, the library cannot guarantee that all memory sticks will work with our computers. Our computers are not equipped with writeable CD/DVD drives.

  8. Q. Do you have scanners?
    A. Yes. We offer a self-service scanner with a document feeder (no flatbed). Scanned images may be emailed or saved to your personal USB flash drive. This service is free.
  9. Q. Can I download songs from iTunes or use my iPod with a computer?
    A. No, the Library does not have iTunes loaded on any of the computers.

  10. Q. Do the computers have sound and how can we listen?
    A. You may listen to audio if you bring in your own headphones and plug them into the computer. If you need headphones, the Library sells earbuds for $1 at the checkout desk.

  11. Q. Are your computers filtered?
    A. No, our computers do not use any filtering hardware/software. As long as the material being viewed does not violate the Library's Internet Use Policy, we do not restrict Internet content.

  12. Q. Can I get help using the Internet?
    A. Staff can only spend a limited amount of time helping you get started using the Internet. If you have a question or have a problem with the computer, reference staff will try to help you as time and training allows. However, please be aware that staff are not trained to troubleshoot all types of Internet applications and interfaces.

  13. Q. I see people playing games on the computers. I need to type a report. Why can't you tell them to get off the computer?
    A. The Library provides equal computer access to all patrons. As long as the computers are being used in accordance with the Library's Internet Use Policy we do not limit a patron's time on the computers.

  14. Q. What if this FAQ did not answer my question?
    A. Please contact us! Send us your question via our e-mail form or you can call the Information Desk at (714) 826-4100 x125.